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2015春ミーティング in 石川県 倶利伽羅塾

WIMA Japan Spring Meeting in Kurikarajuku

WIMA Japan Meeting is my great enjoyment which comes twice a year. At the night before leaving for the meeting, I was too excited to sleep well.


Spring meeting of this year was held in Ishikawa prefecture. Usually I ride to WIMA meetings together with a WIMA Japan member living in my neighborhood. However, deciding to use highways as far as possible this time, I did solo ride to the meeting place. The route guiding system told me that it’s about 455 km and took 6 hours and 32 minutes to the destination.


On the way to Ishikawa, I passed high altitude area and it was very cold, but I could see beautiful scenery of mountains with remaining snow and cherry blossoms in full bloom. I arrived at the hotel in about 6 hours and was cheerful to see other members.


Before dinner, we had the annual general meeting and approved the agenda successfully. We appreciated the devotion of the officers leaving the positions after serving the full term.


At a dinner, we had lots of delicious foods and drinks, and enjoyed conversation. Having delicious foods is one of the happiest moments for us! After the dinner, we returned to our room and continued chatting and drinking until late at night.


Next morning, under a heavy sky, we were reluctant parting, but finally started on each one’s return. I visited ‘Chiri-hama’ (a motorable sandy shore) to ride on before heading for home.


Until I came to Matsumoto-city of Nagano prefecture, I got drenched with rain and the rear wheel of my bike slipped at a sloping road after coming out of the Abo Tunnel. I was startled, but could return home without trouble by driving safely.


I just can’t wait to know where the autumn meeting will be and already looking forward to seeing WIMA Japan members next time!

Report by Mieko

キャッチインライダース-Z 幸田サーキット

Catch in Riders-Z at Kota Circuit YRP Kiriyama

This circuit touring event became an annual event for WIMA members. About 600 female and male riders enjoyed riding on their various types of bikes including scooters, small bikes and big bikes. Some of us participated this event every year and able to felt improvement of our skills since last year. It is nice event not only to practice riding but to meet new ladies. Thanks to everyone who shared wonderful day with us! See you next year!



2013 春ミーティング

Spring Meeting 2013

WIMA Japan Spring Meeting was held at a “hot spring inn” in Mie prefecture. This seaside area attracts a lot of tourist domestically and internationally. Of course, there are many beautiful roads for riders and some of us took a ferry route and others visited the Ise Jingu (shrine). After we gathered in the evening, we had a general meeting and many agenda were discussed. Then we enjoyed fresh and delicious local seafood with beer and hot spring! We chatted till late as usual, and in the following morning, we visited a shrine next to the inn which is said to answer only one wish of female prayers in their lifetimes. Happy riding for the 2013 season and see you at the next meeting!


三重県鳥羽市にある「花の小宿 重兵衛」さんで、今年のWIMA春ミーティングが開催されました。お宿までのルートは、パールロードをはじめ、気持ちの良い道がたくさんあります。日本各地から、途中にフェリーでの移動を入れたり、地元名物の食事を楽しんだり、伊勢神宮を参拝したりと、それぞれがツーリングを楽しみながら集合しました。夕方の総会開催までに全員が集合し、ツーリングの疲れも忘れてたくさんの議題が熱心に話し合われました。そして、総会が終わった後は、新鮮な海の幸をお腹いっぱいいただきました。その後は、やはり夜遅くまで楽しいお喋りタイムが続きました。翌朝には、女性の願いが1つだけ叶うという、宿のお隣にある「石神さん」に参拝しました。叶うといいなぁ…。ともあれ楽しい2日間でした!次回の秋ミーティングも楽しみです!!


Autumn Meeting 2012 in Nagano











春ミーティング+総会 in 西浦温泉

Spring Meeting 2012

With cherry blossom front came west to east, long awaited riding season has come in Japan! WIMA Japan had a spring meeting in Aichi prefecture (central Japan). We also had a general meeting and discussed about a lot of agenda. The very Japanese style dinner after the talk was great and we chatted with each other till late. The ocean-view open-air spa of the hotel was perfect for us after a long ride. Some people enjoyed a nearby popular winding route on the way back home in a group. We’ll see you sometime, somewhere, till then, Matane!



マガリー・ラングロア選手と女性ライダーの集い in 幸田サーキット

Women riders meeting with Magali in Kota circuit




2010 インターナショナルラリー 日本大会

2010 International Rally in Japan


New year’s party in Kansai