About WIMA

Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) is an international organization to unite women who love motorcycles. Currently we have approximately 2,000 members in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. The objective of WIMA is to improve and promote activities, advancement, goodwill and friendship amongst women motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. WIMA aims at using the common interest of motorcycling to promote the well-being of women in general.

WIMA was founded in the USA in 1950 by an American woman, Louise Scherbyn. She had been writing to female riders overseas during WWII. She hoped that people must be able to have mutual understanding and live in peace by sharing the joy of riding with other female riders beyond borders and by encouraging each other.

At that time, motorcycle was a symbol of counterculture. Besides, female riders were minority in those motorcyclists. It is easy to imagine how hard it could be to live in such an environment. Actually, there were only 4 members joined her when she established the group. On the other hand, it didn't take long time before WIMA spread across the ocean to Europe and to Australia.

WIMA do not have anything like headquarters in particular country. All national divisions are organized uniquely and maintain their own rules and constitution so long as these are in accordance with the aims, objectives and rules of WIMA, and these national divisions constitute WIMA.

The single largest event of WIMA is an annual International Rally held in one of the member country every year. This is really a magnificent, open and attractive event where hundreds of women on motorcycles gather from all over the world. Participants of rallies will be amazed at how close we can be beyond borders and languages when we have only one thing in common “motorcycle”. (Please refer to the "Event" page for more detail)

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