International rally

International Rally (international meeting) is an opportunity when WIMA members of the world get together.

The rallies are held once a year hosted by one of the WIMA division, and about 200–300 riders ride to the site from their home countries. Japanese members who join the rally fly to a certain country and hire a motorcycle or car at a local shop.

We occasionally have 2 rallies in a year. This is because majority of our member is currently from European countries and when we have a rally outside Europe, for example, in Australia in 2000, in New Zealand in 2005, and in Japan in 2010, many European members miss the chance to meet up with friends.

Rally site is usually a camping site with good environment where motorcycles are allowed to ride in. During 1-week rally period, members stay at chartered camping site in their own style, camping out or stay at cottages, and enjoy touring freely, join fun games or orienteering tour. In addition to these events, there are welcome party on the first day and farewell party on the last day. Participants can have opportunities of face-to-face interactions and cultural exchange throughout the week.

People who considering to join rallies might be anxious about fees. These rallies are always held by the efforts of local female riders, volunteers, and sponsors, therefore, the fee for one week is approximately JPY 30,000 including accommodations and parties.

Another thing people may worry about would be a language. Basically, participants communicate each other using English or other languages. However, not all Japanese members who join the rally can speak English fluently and the same thing is true to non-Japanese members. Don’t worry, you have two tools as a common language, smile and motorcycle. Everyone can also use dictionary or body language. It would be fun. Seeing is believing. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in WIMA international rally.

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