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WIMA welcomes all female riders who wish to communicate with riders all over the world.

Annual membership fee : JPY 2,500.
(postage, communication cost, internet server cost etc.)

Please contact us and we will send you registration form and detailed information by return. All the administration is done by volunteers and sometimes it takes time before you receive a reply. Thank you for your kind understanding!


Q1. Does WIMA have relation with any religious or political organizations?
A1. Not at all.

Q2. I am interested in WIMA and I love motorcycles. But I still have not got a license yet. Can I become a member?
A2. Of course, you are welcome to WIMA.

Q3. I currently do not have my own motorcycle. How can I join events?
A3. Domestic semi-annual meetings are not a touring event and members meet at venue. Therefore, it is your choice how you get there, by motorcycle, car, bus or train.

Q4. Do all members need to travel overseas and join international rallies?
A4. You don't need to and you have a right to attend. There are more Japanese members who have never joined WIMA international rallies than the members who had.

Q5. What is the condition to become a member of WIMA?
A5. If you are female and love motorcycles, you are qualified to be a member.

Q6. Do you mind what kind of bike I have, size of the bike, or category of my license?
A6. We do not mind such categories.

Q7. What kind of people are in WIMA?
A7. We are all different; including all ages, professions, and various levels of riding experience.

Q8. Please tell me the procedure of registration.
A8. First, contact us and make request for detailed information (preferably, using your real name but not nickname). Then you will receive a registration form by return. Please fill in the form and send it back to us, and settle the payment of annual membership fee. You will be enrolled in our mailing list and be able to get information as a member of WIMA Japan.

Q9. I like riding solo rather than riding in a group. How do you travel in WIMA? A9. Regarding our meetings, only meeting venue and time are announced, and some members travel by themselves and others may arrange to meet friends on the way. That is, you can freely decide upon how you get there.

Q10. Can male riders participate in WIMA events?
A10. Basically males are allowed to participate only when they are husband or partner of WIMA members. It is not allowed our members to call group of male friends to our events. Please understand that WIMA is an organization for women.

Q11. Are you all bilingual or often travel overseas?
A11. Some members are bilingual and often travel overseas but just a few of us. There are members who started studying foreign languages to go to international rallies and members help each other to prepare for overseas travel by exchanging information with experienced members.

Q12. I am not used to travel by myself. Does anyone take me to international rallies?
A12. International rallies are not a group tour. Can you read the map and travel in Japan? Have you ever driven Japanese highway by yourself? To ride in foreign countries under different traffic rules on rental motorcycles require certain experiences and skills. We recommend you to have enough experience riding in Japan by yourself first and join our semi-annual domestic meetings.

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