About WIMA Japan

Establishment of WIMA JAPAN

A national division of Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) was established in Japan in April 1996. In the season of cherry blossoms, 27 members of WIMA from various European countries visited Japan to introduce WIMA to Japan. This visit was announced in advance in a monthly magazine “Lady’s Bike” and Japanese riders who read this article gathered to enjoy touring in Izu, visiting motorcycle factory, and sightseeing in Kyoto with riders from Europe. At this occasion, WIMA Japan was established as the first WIMA division in Asia. Since we do not have anything like headquarters in particular country, all divisions are organized uniquely reflecting their own cultural and geographic background. We, WIMA Japan, are also seeking our own style that matches Japanese female riders and wishing to communicate with members in other countries.

Activities of WIMA JAPAN

WIMA is more like a group of female riders who enrolled as a member who have a shared sense of value rather than the club for touring. It is a group of women who loves motorcycles and interested in communicating with female riders across a national border. Therefore, members can freely belong any other touring clubs or organizations beside WIMA.

Communication among members is based on the internet. In addition, we have semi-annual national meetings to get together in spring and autumn. For these meetings, members from different parts of Japan plan their routes and come to the site on their own. This is the same manner as seen in international rallies.

Members of WIMA Japan who wish to join international rallies can apply only through WIMA Japan; however, it is not a group tour. Sometimes, members individually ask other members to travel together but basically members are requested to arrange their own air tickets or accommodations by exchanging information each other. Of course, members in host countries are our great support in obtaining information including transportation, sightseeing or where you can hire a motorcycle, and members of WIMA Japan can help each other.

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