WIMA Canopy

The WIMA Canopy sent soon after the 3.11 to Sendai city accomplished its role and returned to Osaka. Together with 5 other motorcycles, WIMA Canopy was utilized in the disaster-struck areas in Miyagi prefecture. People who used the bikes said that they were so helpful, and kindly showed their feeling of thankfulness by polishing the bikes. It is our great honor that we received a certificate of appreciation from the Social Welfare Council of Sendai. We are proud to be involved in this activity led by Pit Support Co., Ltd. in a suitable way as a motorcycle association and grateful for the company for the chance given to us to work with them. The reconstruction in Tohoku has various aspects. We are witnessing rapid progress in some parts, but progress is too slow in other parts. Regarding the accident of Fukushima disaster, the problem is ongoing. As a Japanese , and as a rider, I would like to continue to cooperate in recovery efforts.