“I’m IMPRESSED!” … LSO Life Supporting First Aid – Basic Skills Course December 19th,2010

Nine members of WIMA Japan attended the Life Supporting First Aid Basic Skills course held by LSO (Motorsport Life Saving Organization) on December 19th in Tokyo.

I haven’t sat through any learning experience lasting more than an hour in many years, and the entire 9-hour program (including 1-hour lunch time) seemed a little ambitious. But despite all my reservations, the long hours went by fast while kneeling over the CPR doll named “Anne” and trying to revive her. Of course, that’s not the only thing we did, as you can see, and we all had a great time.




 Motorsport Life Saving Organization


LSO holds classes like these regularly to promote first-aid skills for people related to motorsports. The instructors are people with carriers in motorsports, like a professional rally-driver, or a racing-circuit officials, with interesting stories to tell from their actual experiences.

The program teaches a lot of what is necessary to feel confident in case of emergency. It would be great if I can maintain the level of skills I learned. “I am trained to give first-aid. Let me help you.” Wouldn’t you like to be able to say these words to an injured person? I would.

I also felt a strong passion toward exonerating the prejudice against motorcycles that we all felt at one time or another. But, imagine the future when most of the riders have the trained first-aid skills. In the cities, or on the back-roads in the countryside, people wave to stop motorcycle riders in hopes of being rescued. This is the vision the LSO strives for, and I completely empathized.






Some comments from the WIMA members

“Very useful!” “Good material from the rider’s point-of-view.”

“I may be able to assist the person helping me when I have an accident. I’m seriously considering the remover hood.”

“It covers beyond the general first-aid, including application for motorcycle riders. I strongly recommend many people to take the course.”

“This can also be useful in everyday life.”

“It helped me remember what I’ve forgotten since I took the course last. Thinking what I may be able to do for the fellow riders throughout the course made it a better experience.”

Some of us also enjoyed a little get-together, talking about the Japan Rally over tea. If you haven’t had the chance to take the LSO first-aid class, I recommend that you do. I’m almost certain that it would add a positive essence to your motorcycling life.

Motorsport Life Saving Organization (LSO) homepage (in Japanese only)